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Activities for Families to do Together

Go on a picnic
Go on a hike
Family game night
Bake cookies together and deliver to friends or family
Make homemade pizza and watch a movie
Plant a tree
Have lunch in the park
Plant a garden
Go on a bike ride
Read a book together
Clean out closets and give the extra stuff to good will
Plant flowers
Run through the sprinkler together
Have a sleep out on the trampoline
Lie on a blanket on the grass and gaze at the stars
Go on a walk
Decorate the sidewalk with colored chalk
Go fishing
Go to the library
Make homemade cards and send to family members for their birthday, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or just send a note to say hello
Make barbeque hamburgers or hot dogs and have homemade French fries
Pitch a tent in the back yard and have a campout
Make homemade ice cream
Plan a dinner menu for a week
Most importantly, tell each member of your family you love them everyday